A bike has several parts which should be inspected and replaced at different times. The first service on your new bike should be carried out after 100–200 km of riding or 6 weeks, whichever comes first. In particular, all screw connections (e.g., handlebars and the bottom bracket) should be tightened to specification and brake/gear cables should be adjusted. We strongly recommend that you select a reputable bike shop in your area to carry out the first service and regular maintenance once a year thereafter.

Tips to keep your bike in top condition

  • Store your bike safely and protected from the elements.
  • Clean and lubricate the drivetrain.
  • Inspect the tyres to make sure they are inflated to the appropriate specification and the tread is not worn.
  • Check the performance of your brakes to make sure you’re able to control your speed and come to a stop when you need to.
  • You could learn how to change an inner tube in case you get a puncture.

If your bike makes unusual noises or the handling changes, take the bike to your local bicycle shop or contact us. If you think your bike has a material defect, please see the legal guarantee.